How does Umami work?

Umami (yummy or delicious in Japanese) is our fifth taste. We have receptors (g-protein coupled to be exact) scattered across the tongue, throat and roof of the mouth that sense a synergy of compounds and "hold on" to them to reveal nuances of other tastes when experienced together. DaisyYam seasoning will magnify your food's natural flavours and expand your culinary toolbox.

Your flavours, amplified. 

Delicious ways to use DaisyYam seasoning



Delicious native Australian Foods

Dial up the yumminess of naturally adapted, ecologically sound Australian foods.


Dress up your pasta

Delicious, easy way to add extra savoury depth to your dish.


A spoonful or two to finish off your soups

Add depth and salt to your soups toward the end when you are seasoning to taste.


Barbecue Eats

DaisyYam seasoning on your barbecue fare turns up the flavour volume and intensity.


Flavour-boost your vegetables

Dress up your salads and veg. A little DaisyYam seasoning goes a long way.

Salmon Plate

Add some umami complexity to your fish

Effortlessly, upgrade your fish dish.